Available ultra short twitter handles

A short social media handle is a powerful tool for building a strong online brand and setting yourself apart from the crowd. It gives perceived value to your brand and is also more likely to be remembered and shared. Whether you're a business seeking to grow, an aspiring e-celeb, or just want the prestige, I think you will find my short Twitter handle service interesting.

The problem

As of December 2022, Twitter had over 368 million monthly active users. When you include old dead accounts created in the timespan since Twitter's birth in 2006, that's a hell of a lot of taken usernames. No matter how creative you are, finding an available username for your account that isn't overly long is nearly impossible at this point.

The solution

My software monitors the Twitter stream 24/7 and saves decent handles going available. My algo considers length, whether it's a dictionary word (this is very rare), and a few other factors, but there's still a lot of output. Even 4-letter usernames are being dropped -- if only we could still take those (Twitter started reserving 4Ls for themselves a few years back). So far I've been giving cool handles to friends and making fun alt accounts, but there's a lot more to go around.

If you engage my service, I let you choose from a list of hand-selected available super short Twitter handles that are easy to remember, pronounce, and use.

How my short Twitter handle service works

  • Email me.
  • Pay $150 up front.
  • You get a list of 10-20 available ultra short Twitter handles, at least 3 of which will be 5-letter. You can change your Twitter account's handle to any of these, right away.

You can also give me custom requests for the handle saving algorithm, but in that case the service isn't instant -- the software will have to run for a while. I give time estimates on a case by case basis for custom requests.

Is this allowed?

Yes. Twitter's terms of service forbids the sale of accounts, and I'm not selling any accounts. I sell lists of available short Twitter handles that anyone can take.